"Kristin Ess Hair began with a simple idea: create an affordable collection of luxury haircare and styling products that would give everyone the chance to create modern, perfectly-imperfect hair. " -Maesa
"The need for affordable, professional hair tools has never been greater, and now the wait is over! I wanted to create a lightweight, powerful blow dryer that would get the job done quickly and efficiently while keeping your hair healthy and hydrated. This blow dryer features my favorite ratios of heat to wind, customizable ionic options, and a cool shot button to set your favorite style." -Kristen Ess
"People always ask me why they would need a curling iron versus a curling wand. The answer is simple; you use a curling iron when you want sleeker, shinier, more polished waves/curls. Use this 1 ¼" curling iron to get relaxed, polished waves on medium to long lengths, or subtle bend on bobs and lobs." -Kristen Ess
"People always ask me why they would use a curling wand versus a curling iron. The answer is simple; you use a wand when you want fuller, more voluminous waves/curls. And you use a curling iron when you want more polished, textured waves. This wand is my go to for creating loose waves on medium to long lengths, or a subtle bend on shorter lengths."  -Kristen Ess
"Ever wonder how to control all those baby hairs/edges that are too short to make it into your flat iron? Or those curly roots you can't quite get to? That's what this is for! It's called a root control iron and it changes EVERYTHING. You can effortlessly smooth hairs around your hairline, or at the nape of your neck, and easily tame frizz, cowlicks, and unruly bangs by directing them with this comb/iron hybrid." -Kristen Ess
"Over the last 20+ years I have tried all kinds of irons, and could never find one that had everything I wanted. This iron combines all of my favorite features, and allows you to create 4 of my favorite styles - sleek straight, s-waves, flat iron waves, and polished curls." -Kristen Ess