The only 100% natural, hand-made, and locally based essential oil diffuser necklace.
"We believe in housing natural oils in a natural plant-based container. Just like our bodies house the soul, IVA Necklaces are a fitting container for the essence and scent of an essential oil." - IVA soul

IVA seeks to combine the knowledge of the benefits of essential oils on mood and well-being with an easy-to-use, wearable essential oil diffuser made from natural materials.

"Our minimally designed necklaces are hand crafted and made in Los Angeles.
IVA Soul necklaces will help you carry your favorite essential oil scent, perfumes, or fragrance
anywhere you go."
"We are a young up-and-coming business operating out of Los Angeles. We care deeply about helping people enhance their experience using essential oils and have created a unique and extraordinary necklace made out of natural and sustainable materials."